PANEL Lights – Commercial

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3w to 28w Round Led panel light with Milky Frosted acrylic and Recess CLips and Drivers.
Wattage Product-Code Cut out Size Outer Size
3W KL-RPL-3-xx 65mm Dia 85mm Dia
9W KL-RPL-9-xx 95mm Dia 115mm Dia
12W KL-RPL-12-xx 130mm Dia 150mm Dia
15W KL-RPL-15-xx 163mm Dia 183mm Dia
18W KL-RPL-18-xx 163mm Dia 183mm Dia
22W KL-RPL-22-xx 195mm Dia 215mm Dia
28W KL-RPL-28-xx 195mm Dia 215mm Dia


  • 3 to 28 watt Square LED Panel light
  • LM80 certified LED .
  • 120-130 Lumens Per watt.
  • 0.95 PF .
  • Thd Less than 15.
  • IP33 Protection.
Wattage Product-Code Cut out Size Outer Size
3W KL-SPL-3-xx 76mm x 76mm 80mm x 80mm
9W KL-SPL-9-xx 95mm x 95mm 110mm x 110mm
12W KL-SPL-12-xx 129mm x 129mm 80mm x 80mm
15W KL-SPL-15-xx 157mm x 157mm 150mm x150mm
18W KL-SPL-18-xx 157mm x 157mm 179mm x 179mm
22W KL-SPL-22-xx 214mm x 214mm 179mm x 179mm
28W KL-SPL-28-xx 214mm x 214mm 220mm x 220mm

Square-Rimless PANEL

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Square Rimless Ceiling Light.We obligated to meet the quality standards, as per the customer demands.